The Future of Ecommerce After Covid-19

My Blog of today is focused on the world of ecommerce currently and post the Covid -19 scenarios. I will focus specifically on E commerce shopping, photography and products in general.

  1. How this Pandemic is changing India: Already we have seen mass migrations, lock downs, huge de growths and a sense of ‘All is Lost’ amongst business and professionals alike. Every sector and every individual is affected, with India also facing problems at its borders!  Students are worried about their future, traders of business and the working class on their jobs and salaries. Looks like out worst nightmare.
  • Some green shoots are emerging: We are now seeing India and the world slowly opening up, despite the pandemic. We have to live with Covid 19 until a vaccine is developed.  Ecommerce has actually been the biggest beneficiary of the lock down with even traditional brick and mortar business shifting to or developing an online platform.  Already Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc have seen a surge in online traffic and sales. This has also resulted in a demand for ecommerce photography for online sales like jewellery, watches, clothes, shoes, etc. This has led to a demand of professional e commerce photographers, photography studios for online shoots, and editing and post production professionals.
  • March Forward O’ Warriors: Necessity fuels innovation. This is so true in the future post Covid -19 in India. I have already seen a lot of pent up demand and enquiries coming in from students who want to learn e commerce photography, especially in high demand fields like jewellery, watches, shoes, apparel etc.  Companies are now looking for trained product photographers and studios, especially in Gurgaon, New Delhi and Noida etc for putting their business online.  Self employed, students and home makers too are looking at e commerce photography as a viable career option.
  • Lights, Camera, Action! :  My recommendation now would be to seize this opportunity and make the most of it.   Students, people looking for jobs or hobbyists have a very good chance to make a career by learning e commerce photography and even allied fields like specialized jewelry shooting, model shoots, wedding photography and post production work like image editing etc. Retailers and businesses should now focus on shifting their business online either on major platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc or by developing their own platforms. I would recommend going to existing platforms as it’s not prudent right now to spend money on developing your own sites. Existing companies should focus on quality e commerce photography and should hire ecommerce photographers who are talented, have a rich experience in ecommerce photography and have modern studios.

In conclusion, I would say that the future of E commerce After Covid-19 looks brighter, post the cloud of gloom disappearing. No doubt challenges remain, but it has given us new and better ways of doing business along with career opportunities which we should take advantage of right now!

Stay Safe and Positive

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