Best Product Photography in Gurgaon

I was mildly amused when someone asked me about best product photography in Gurgaon recently. I actually am happy that this subject was brought up. This blog will try to uncover the myths and shed light on some realities which define what is best!

Today the world of ecommerce has changed post covid 19 and product photography is in great demand, along with the so called best product photographer! Clients who are no on online platforms want to hop on and the existing ones are raring to sell online.

In this scenario, when a client is looking for product photography in Gurgaon or anywhere else, he is looking for the following things:

  1. Experience: Experience can be defined both qualitatively and quantitatively. How many years you have put in the profession is as important as the quality of work you have produced. Even if you are just stepping into the business, your work will ensure that you get the assignment. Ideally, clients look for an experienced photographer but will work with someone who has talent and an eye for excellence. Your work should be your resume.  
  • The Team :  If you have a good team of photographers, along with specialists in image editing, a modern studio, the best of equipments, that’s where the battle is won! A client today wants the best product photography from the best ecommerce photographer having the best equipments! That’s what I would call the ‘wish list’ of a client. With competition gearing up, I would urge you to brush up your skills, make sure that you invest in the right equipments and have a passion for your work. Try to keep abreast of latest trends, read blogs or articles, join a association. Anything that can give you and your team an edge with the client.
  • Testimonials: Your past clients can make or break your business or career. So make sure that when you have an assignment, you deliver it error free, top notch quality within the time limit set and at a reasonable cost. A happy client, besides being a repeat client, is also like a walking talking advertisement for your work. Who does not like free publicity? Especially good publicity! My recommendation is to showcase your work both online on your site, along with written testimonials from your clients. You can also put logos of brands you have worked with in the past. So when a client is looking for the best product photography in Gurgaon or Delhi or Noida etc, he dials your number!

That’s all folks! This is a short and crisp blog from me on this. Hope you will like and appreciate what I have written. Feedback welcome!

Stay safe and God Bless us All.

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