Brand Sense took it roots way back in early 2005 when we merged our production division, our photography teaching institute, our image editing and our ecommerce photography under one umbrella. Later in 2009, we also launched our brand building, event marketing, talent management and promotional division. All these capabilities backed back a tremendous pool of talent and hunger for perfection is what drives us today.

Brand sense has many feathers in its cap, having helped and partnered many companies in E commerce photography, Events and production, brand promotions, marketing tie ups and talent management etc.

In our initial years, we worked with many brands and companies to develop and execute successful marketing and brand building campaigns – both online and offline. We kept ourselves ahead by quickly adapting and implementing changes and technologies evolving in the marketing and advertising world.

 Our unique capability to offer a 360 degree solution to companies is what makes us unique. From devising a winning strategy for a brand, to online executions,  from offline promotions via events, to identifying the  right mix of talent and celebrities, from perfect execution in production, to fabrication, printing , photography and editing. That’s what our 360 degrees solution is and that’s something which is rare to find in one organization.

While we may not be a huge organization, we believe that size does not matter, talent does. We are a team of extremely talented, innovative and passionate professionals who come together to create unique marketing campaigns and winning solutions!